Preliminary Antarctic station prep done

Aerial photo taken on April 21, 2018 shows members of China's 34th Antarctic expedition taking part in a welcomin[MG_SEO]g ceremony on a dock in Shanghai, East China. China's research icebreaker Xuelong finished the country's 34th Antarctic expedition and returned to Shanghai on Saturday. The expedition began on Nov 8, 2017 and covered a voyage of 38,000 nautical miles. [Photo/Xinhua]

Preparation work for the construction of China's fifth Antarctic station has been completed, scientists on the icebreaker Xuelong (Snow Dragon) said on Saturday, after the country's 34th national scientific expedition to Earth's southern polar region.

Temporary housing, a dock and roads have been built at the station on Inexpressible Island in the Ross Sea's Terra Nova Bay, and electric power generation, seawater desalination and long-distance communication have all been established despite severe weather conditions, scientists said at a media briefing after the Xuelong returned to Shanghai following its 165-day expedition.
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