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Man executed for injuring 12 children in Guangxi kindergarten

A man who injured 12 children in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region was executed on Monday after China¡¯s top court approved his death sentence.

Qin Peng¡¯an, a villager in the region¡¯s Pingxiang township, injured the children after he rushed into a kindergarten with a knife at around 3 pm on Jan 4, 2017, the Supreme People¡¯s Court said in a statement. Four of the children received serious injuries.

Qin was sentenced to death for the crime of intentional homicide by the region¡¯s Chongzblank can kooziesuo Intermediate People¡¯s Court on Aug 28, 2017. H[MG_SEO]e later lodged an appeal with the regional high people¡¯s court.

The high people¡¯s court upheld the original ruling in December 2017, and then submitted the decision to the country¡¯s top court for review.

Under the Criminal Procedure Law, death penalties handed down by lower-level courts across the nation must be submitted to the SPC for review.

¡°We reviewed Qin¡¯s case strictly, and the judgment found the man to have committed the crime of intentional homicide and what he did caused serious damage to the children,¡± the top court said, ruling that Qin had intended to kill the children. ¡°The evidence in the original ruling was sufficient and the law that the lower court applied was accurate.

¡°Given that the case brought great negative effects to society, we approved the death sentence.¡±

In November, the SPC approved the execution of two child murderers and two serial rapists after reviewing their death sentences.

At that time, it said children and teenagers are the country¡¯s future and must be given the best protection, adding that it would show zero tolerance by strictly applying capital punishment to offenders who target minors.